About Us

In today’s world, it is a widely accepted fact that, in addition to the higher education received throughout an undergraduate degree, going through an educational system where individuals can both widen their perspectives and assess their existing knowledge and skills to update and renew themselves and their lives, will make the individual more successful in the professional arena. With this aim in mind, our university has started a new project in the 2016-2017 academic year and as part of this project the Elective Courses Coordination Unit has been established to enable our students to take courses in areas that they are interested, in addition to and may be outside of their respective fields of study. Through this process, our students will be able to access courses in which they would like to improve their competences that later will make significant contributions to their professional life, in areas that they are interested and would like to expand their knowledge ,skills and competences. They will also be developing a new vision by accessing a wider variety of education and training opportunities.

According to the regulations of our university, there are two types of elective courses. The first type of courses is traditionally offered by individual departments based on their existing educational programmes. The second group of courses will be offered through our coordination unit.

Our primary aim is to enable our students to access courses that will not only contribute to their lives and develop their knowledge and skills during their studies at Near East University but also facilitate their efforts even after graduation. Therefore, we are proud to be positively contributing to the lives of Near East University students as they step into the real world.

The office is established in April 2016.


  • Our mission is:
  • To make courses, which are either currently offered at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at our university or new courses that may be developed in due time, available to all of our students to enable them to access a modern and systematic education in their own fields or any other area that they may be interested in, and therefore enable our students to fully and effectively utilise the existing educational resources of the Near East University;
  • To bring together the knowledge, experience and skills of our academic staff with a wider student population;
  • To provide a participatory and contemporary educational context with authentic and aesthetic values to researchers and students who produce universal knowledge and technology;
  • To increase our graduates’ abilities and success in adapting to different disciplines;
  • To prepare our students for lifelong learning by enabling them to become individuals who can learn by themselves.

Our vision for the end of 2017 academic term is to become a unit that makes a difference by working in coordination and collaboration with all the other units within our institution, emphasising and encouraging team work, developing a respectful attitude towards the work discipline and ethics of all relevant units, and exemplifying participation and a culture of sharing throughout the process.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Aslı AYKAÇ
Elective Courses Coordinator
[email protected]