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In today’s world, it is a widely accepted fact that, in addition to the higher education received throughout an undergraduate degree, going through an educational system where individuals can both widen their perspectives and assess their existing knowledge and skills to update and renew themselves and their lives, will make the individual more successful in the professional arena. With this aim in mind, our university has started a new project in the 2016-2017 academic year and as part of this project the Elective Courses Coordination Unit has been established to enable our students to take courses in areas that they are interested, in addition to and may be outside of their respective fields of study. Through this process, our students will be able to access courses in which they would like to improve their competences that later will make significant contributions to their professional life, in areas that they are interested and would like to expand their knowledge ,skills and competences. They will also be developing a new vision by accessing a wider variety of education and training opportunities.

According to the regulations of our university, there are two types of elective courses. The first type of courses is traditionally offered by individual departments based on their existing educational programmes. The second group of courses will be offered through our coordination unit.

Our primary aim is to enable our students to access courses that will not only contribute to their lives and develop their knowledge and skills during their studies at Near East University but also facilitate their efforts even after graduation. Therefore, we are proud to be positively contributing to the lives of Near East University students as they step into the real world.

The office is established in April 2016.


  • Our mission is:
  • To make courses, which are either currently offered at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at our university or new courses that may be developed in due time, available to all of our students to enable them to access a modern and systematic education in their own fields or any other area that they may be interested in, and therefore enable our students to fully and effectively utilise the existing educational resources of the Near East University;
  • To bring together the knowledge, experience and skills of our academic staff with a wider student population;
  • To provide a participatory and contemporary educational context with authentic and aesthetic values to researchers and students who produce universal knowledge and technology;
  • To increase our graduates’ abilities and success in adapting to different disciplines;
  • To prepare our students for lifelong learning by enabling them to become individuals who can learn by themselves.

Our vision for the end of 2017 academic term is to become a unit that makes a difference by working in coordination and collaboration with all the other units within our institution, emphasising and encouraging team work, developing a respectful attitude towards the work discipline and ethics of all relevant units, and exemplifying participation and a culture of sharing throughout the process.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Aslı AYKAÇ
Elective Courses Coordinator
Faculty of Architecture Vedia Akansu vedia.akansu@neu.edu.tr
Faculty of Arts and Design Vedia Okutan vedia.okutan@neu.edu.tr
Faculty of Engineering Yöney Kırsal Ever yoneykirsal.ever@neu.edu.tr
Faculty of Arts and Sciences Esra Karabacak esra.karabacak@neu.edu.tr
Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences Behiye Çavuşoğlu behiye.cavusoglu@neu.edu.tr
Faculty of Theology Samire Hasanova samira.hasanova@neu.edu.tr
Faculty of Communication Aykut Yasakcı aykut.yasakci@neu.edu.tr
Faculty of Veterinary Huban Göçmen huban.gocmen@neu.edu.tr
Faculty of Pharmacy Eda Becer eda.becer@neu.edu.tr
Faculty of Dentistry Aylin İslam aylin.islam@neu.edu.tr
Ataturk Faculty of Education Murat Tezer murat.tezer@neu.edu.tr
Faculty of Medicine Ruken Tan ruken.tan@neu.edu.tr
Faculty of Performing Arts İsmihan Yorgancı ismihan.yorganci@neu.edu.tr
Vice Coordinator (Faculty of Medicine) Semra Aslay semra.aslay@neu.edu.tr
Vice Coordinator (Ataturk Faculty of Education) Yağmur Çerkez yagmur.cerkez@neu.edu.tr
Faculty of Health Sciences Sabiha Gökçen Zeybek gokcen.zeybek@hotmail.com
Open and Disctance Education Faculty
Faculty of Law Erdi Şafak erdi.safak@neu.edu.tr
School of Physical Education and Sports Nazım Burgul nazım.burgul@neu.edu.tr
School of Computing and Technology
School of Computing and Technology Nesrin Menemenci nesrin.menemenci@neu.edu.tr
Health Services Vocational School Meryem Güvenir meryem.guvenir@neu.edu.tr
Health Services Vocational School Aysun Beydola
Vocational School of Tourism and Hotel Management Nesrin Menemenci Bahçelerli nesrin.menemenci@neu.edu.tr
Institute of Science Nadire Çavuş nadirecavus@neu.edu.tr
Institute of Medical Sciences Fehmi Burak Alkaş fehmibalkas@neu.edu.tr
Institute of Social Sciences Behiye Çavuşoğlu behiye.cavusoglu@neu.edu.tr
Institute of Forensic Sciences
Institute of Educational Sciences Behçet Öznacar behcet.oznacar@neu.edu.tr
Institute of Occupational Health and Safety
Institute of Cardiological Sciences
Institute of Neurology
English Preparatory School Deniz Altay deniz.altay@neu.edu.tr
Turkish Preparatory School
Summer School
Code Course Name Course Language Faculty/Deptartment Lecturer E-mail
  • Who Can Apply?
  • All Near East University students can choose courses with SEC codes.
  • How to Apply?
  • Students can reach this information from the ‘Students’ section of frequently asked questions (FAQ) link.
Frequently Asked Questions
I want to take an elective course with SEC code; where should I look and how should I select it? Log in to your Einstein account and you will see the compulsory courses you have to take that semester.
At the top of the page, you will see 2 menus for elective course; first one is for the departmental elective courses and the second one is for non-departmental electives.
Choose ‘rectorate’ from the second menu.
Courses on the window that opens up are courses with ‘SEC’ codes
You can choose any of these courses.
The course that you picked will be visible to your advisor.
After this stage, you have to talk to your advisor to confirm whether your selection is approved or not.
Does my program coordinator/advisor have to approve the courses which I choose? You cannot take any course without the approval of your program coordinator/advisor. When you choose a course with SEC code, make sure that you contact your program coordinator/advisor and confirm whether your selection is approved.
How can I get the course outlines of the elective course that I want to take? Please go to the Information Packs for courses with SEC codes using the following link: http://sdk.neu.edu.tr/?lang=en
How can I learn the credits and ECTS information of the elective courses? Please check the List of courses with SEC codes for credit information of the courses. Alternatively, this information is presented in the information packs of courses.
How can I learn the quota information for the elective courses? Quotas for each course are announced in our web page based on the information gathered from the course instructors at the beginning of each term.
Can I request an increase in the quota of a course? Course quotas are determined by the course instructors based on the specifications of the course and the availability of classrooms. If you couldn’t add the course that you would like to take into your program, we suggest that you attend the class in the first week and consult with the instructor personally to explain your request.
How many elective courses can I take in one semester? You can choose elective courses according to the intensity of your program. It is recommended that you consult with your academic advisor when selecting courses.
I took the wrong elective course. What can I do? Demand for elective courses is usually high. Please read the information packs of the courses carefully and check your weekly course program for any clashes before taking any elective courses. If there are such clashes, it is advised that you do not take that course. If, for any reason, you would like to drop a course after registering for it, please make sure to do so before the add/drop period is over.
How can I reach the contact information of the instructor? The contact information of our University staff can be found in the web page of related faculty. Please check the faculty/department in which the instructor teaches. Then, you can reach him/her using the provided university e-mail address or office phones.
What are the attendance requirements for elective courses? Our university’s regulations regarding attendance are followed for the elective courses as they are done for any other course.
I failed an elective course. What should I do? You can take the course that you failed again or you can take another course with the same credits and the course that you were successful in can be counted for the one that you failed.
Are the courses with SEC codes non-departmental elective courses? YES, all SEC coded courses are non-departmental courses.
Is the course that I took as an elective going to appear in my transcript? YES, there will be a grade in your transcript indicating that you took this course and were successful.
Do I have to make an additional payment for the elective courses? If yes, is it to be paid for each elective course separately? NO, there is no additional payment needed for the elective courses.
Even if I was successful, can I take the same elective course again in the following semesters? YES
Will my grade point average decrease if I fail an elective course? YES, because an elective course is just like any another course in your education program. Elective courses also have credits. Therefore, the grade of this course will be counted when your grade point average is calculated.
Is there a link where I can find the day and time of the course that I want to choose? There is a link for courses with SEC codes in the Einstein system.
Does the coordinator of the program that I am registered/my advisor have to approve the course(s) that I choose? You cannot take any courses without the approval of you program coordinator/advisor. Please contact your program coordinator or advisor while choosing courses.
I am an associate degree student. Can I take any courses with SEC codes designed for associate degree/undergraduate/postgraduate/ doctorate students? YES. You can choose from the courses with SEC codes from any level.
I am an undergraduate student. Can I take any courses with SEC codes designed for associate degree/undergraduate/postgraduate/doctorate students? YES. You can choose from the courses with SEC codes from any level.
I am a postgraduate student. Can I take any courses with SEC codes designed for associate degree/undergraduate/postgraduate/doctorate students? YES. You can choose from the courses with SEC codes from any level.
I am a PhD student. Can I take any courses with SEC codes designed for associate degree/undergraduate/postgraduate/doctorate students? YES. You can choose from the courses with SEC codes from any level.

In case you cannot find what you are looking for in the list below, we advice you to look at the FAQ pages of other units found at the web page of Open, Common, Elective Courses Coordination Unit. If again you cannot find the answer to you question, you can contact our coordination unit.)

Table below is only valid for the 2016-2017 semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the instructor of a common course change if their work load for other courses hinder lecturing that course? There will not be such cases because the minimum teaching hours will be assigned to the lecturers of common courses before the courses are merged. Overall teaching hours and fields of study will be taken into consideration during the process of selection of lecturers.
With this new system, will all the elective courses in our program be open to all students? Yes, whenever a student enters onto the system to choose courses, she/he will be able to see and choose from all the courses offered in all programs for that semester. In order for the student to choose the suitable elective course, the lecturers should mention the prerequisites of that particular course (as course codes).
Will the instructors be able to offer new elective courses other than the current elective courses in our programmes? Yes, Elective Courses Coordination Unit will make a new announcement to all instructors, indicating that they can offer new courses that they would like to teach as an elective course. These new elective course(s) will be offered through and coordinated by the Elective Courses Coordination Unit.
Who will the instructor get permission from when he/she wants to offer a course through the Elective Courses Coordination Unit? The management of these courses will be done by the Elective Courses CoordinationUnit and these courses will be listed for all students to see on the web page of this unit.
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